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ChatsLine Social Media Network App
Live Chat Solution for ChatsLine Social Networks is necessary for Members to converse, exchange content in real time and convenience of building strong, in-depth relationships with Members.
Business Directory/page
The Business Directory Feature can create Local Business Suppliers, Church Directories, Pages style Business Directory review sections, create directory of address book and much more.
ChatsMessenger App
A great tool for you to take the communication of your community to a whole new level. It’s secure and supports group chat, audio/video calls, messages, emoticons, typing Indicators, attachments, etc.

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I feel this is a great app and best form of social media i have tried.

Nice user interface!
The best social networking platform with no drama just so you know.
Very good Messenger!
I am really happy to use this new service of ChatsLine and ChatsMessenger to connect with my friends and family, I love this App it has everything I need.
Excellent Application for Social Media!
Excellent application for social media, I would highly recommend this to anyone. By far the best social media platform for staying in communication with those you frequently to talk to!