ChatsLine Social Media Networks Features:

To get in touch with your friends and family, you can be free to be yourself to create your own content, share photos and updates, music videos, jobs, meet up to what's popular in fashion, beauty, learning and more. Interact with your friends and Pages and stay connected to communities important to you. Or see what's new from others all over the world without borders.

Download the official ChatsLine and ChatsMessenger apps for Android phones and tablets. Its features include:


✔️ChatsMessenger App


ChatsMessenger app a great tool for you to take the communication of your community to a whole new level. It’s secure and supports group chat, audio/video calls, messages, emoticons, typing Indicators, attachments, etc.

1-1 chat and group messaging.
You can give the chat group a name for easy to manage your chat history.

1-1 Video and Voice Calling

Typing Indicators make the chat feel like an organic, true-to-life interaction.

User blocking to avoid spam or not wanted interaction with specific members.

Multi-language Support allows you to change the chat interface to your local language.

Push Notifications allows users to receive real-time updates when the app is running in the background or a device is idle.

Chat Moderation and report.
Monitor all chat logs to take further action for spam conversations. Option for members to report a chat conversation and section for admin to manage all of the reports.

User roles settings
Allow site owner to define who can access the video call, voice call.

Media Rich Conversations that allow members can send files, gif, emoji….when chatting with friends.

Seamless integration with existing chat module and ChatsLine.com based community site. The apps work as a separate messenger app. It uses the same user logins from the community site. Members can chat or call between apps or between apps and the web.

Encryption and Security: ChatsMessenger uses WebRTC technology, WebRTC requires a secure connection between the web server that handles signaling and the peer client. This helps to keep the information in that signaling channel secure and makes it more difficult for an attacker to act as a man-in-the-middle and quietly take over the session. Signaling is secured using the HTTPS protocol.


✔️ChatsLine Social Media Networks App 


As the web gets better and faster, people nowadays tend to prefer videos over photos and documents. Live Streaming plugin is an important part of ChatsLine Social Network that allows your members to reach and interact with everyone in real time, doesn’t matter wherever they’re. This plugin is designed based on Ant Media Server, it’s a one of the best streaming engine software that provides adaptive, ultra low latency streaming by using WebRTC technology with ~0.5 seconds latency. Ant Media Server is highly scalable both horizontally and vertically. It can run on-premise or on-cloud

Mobile App Support: Not yet, will support at next coming version

Main features:

Broadcast live video

See my live videos, friends live videos, all live videos and play back

Notification when friends is LIVE

Real time interaction like comment, live, share.

Newsfeed update whenever friends is LIVE

Privacy setting for LIVE video. Member can select who can see his Live video. Support 3 options: Everyone, friends and Only me.


The ShoutLine allows people to quickly leave lists of short messages on the website. ShoutLine Feature helps increase the interactivity of ChatsLine Social Network

Mobile App Support: No

Main features:

+ Send message, delete or reply to a message
+ Emoji support


Job Importer is a ChatsLine Feature that use Careerjet API to get all the latest jobs from careerjet.com and display the jobs inside your community site. 
It’s super fast, lightweight and  integrated with ChatsLine job manager Feature. 

Create an instant job search functionality to ChatsLine site.
Sort by date.


PayFast payment gateway is a payment gateway Feature that extends ChatsLine, allowing your members to make payments via PayFast when purchase subscription package, buy ads placement, buy featured for ads, jobs….

Importance:  does not support trial and split payment


E-learning is a Feature that allows user to create online courses. The course can be broken down into several lessons. After completing several lessons, learners are given quizzes to see if they can pass the course.

Setting up online courses for ChatsLine social network platform as the epidemic gets more unpredictable is also a fantastic method to adapt to new circumstances, as people will revert to the internet for entertainment and learning.

Main features:

+ Create a FREE or PAID online course
+ Add lesson (topic or video type) into course
+ Add topic (topic or video type) into lesson. Can’t add topic for video lesson type.
+ Add quiz (test) into main course or for each lesson/topic. Can define timer, pass score….and list of questions for each quiz.
+ Start a quiz, view scores results and list of members who have taken the quiz. View score results of all members who have taken the quiz.
+ Join the Free/Paid course. If it’s paid course, can pay using direct bank transfer or online payment gateway like paypal, credits,…Payment will go to site admin and then site admin will manually transfer back to course owner outside system.
+ My transactions: Section to allow the course owner can manage all transactions related to his courses and total earned amount.
+ View course participant list
+ Mark a lesson, topic, quiz as complete to update Course status progress
+ My courses: list of courses that member created or JOINED
+ Friends courses: list of courses that friends created or JOINED
+ Featured Courses feature
+ Popular Courses feature
+ Top comment courses feature
+ Top Liked courses feature
+ Top viewed courses
+ Course hashtags
+ Search courses based on keyword
+ Filter courses based on category
+ Course Navigation
+ Notification system: When leaner take course, when admin confirm bank transfer payment, when admin confirm payment is manually sent to tutor…..

✔️Text Chat Solution

ChatsLine is a Live Chat Solution for ChatsLine social networks. The ability to live chat is undoubtedly a necessary part of any Social Network. It allows Members to converse and exchange content in real time. Incorporating a Live Chat System into your Social Network provides the added convenience of building strong, in-depth relationships with Members while creating a competitive advantage over competitors.

✔️ChatsLine – Video/Audio Chat

Enhance your ChatsLine profile using video/audio chat which Features audio-video and real-time content sharing capabilities. Give users the ability to talk to each other and make webcam video calls.

✔️Announcement Feature

The announcement Function allows to draw the attention of ChatsLine visitors to an important message to post. It has an ad block which can be added to any page on ChatsLine website through the page layout. You can customize its color. Also, this Feature has an option that allows you to allow/disallow the Member to remove it if they don't want to see it.

✔️Visual Notification

Live notification is a useful Feature that allows Members to see Live Notifications while browsing the ChatsLine Social Network website or when the browser is minimized or you are browsing other sites. It helps create better engagement, helps your viewers get the latest updates on their group, events, posts and following members.

✔️Whoviewme - Who Viewed Me

This Feature will notify Members about other members who have visited their profile.

✔️Phone Login/Registration Feature

This solution allows users to login/register using their own mobile phone number. This prevents the ChatsLine site from receiving spam from bots and is also a good method to verify the site member by phone number.


Give Users an exciting, simple, easy and fast way to start discussions. The Pokes Feature allows a User to grab the attention of another User.


Online forums are an effective community building tool where visitors to ChatsLine Social Media Site can participate by posting questions, sharing solutions, new ideas, etc. If you want to expand your forum on the ChatsLine Social Network to have a discussion board function, the forum functionality is for you. It has all the functionality a forum should have.

✔️Voting Contest

The Voting Contest Feature gives you the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate an online photo contest into the ChatsLine Social Network website. Use the Photo Contest feature to engage large numbers of potential Members to visit and register on ChatsLine Social Networks. Contestants will share their entries with family and friends to gain more votes.

✔️Community Polls

The poll Feature is a good way to get instant opinions from Users. It also allows Members of the ChatsLine Social Network to create surveys and receive responses from other Members of the Community. The survey requires very low engagement from the participation, which helps increase social activities and interactions.

✔️Profile Spotlight

Profile Spotlight is a tool that helps users increase their popularity by putting their profile picture with a profile link at the top of the page so that all Community Members can see it instantly. It is an important tool whether it is for meetings, etc….


This Feedlist has a Feature for posting status updates called Lists. FeedLists appears to be a way for users to create a list of anything they choose such as places they’d like to travel to or a simple to-do for the day. The Lists can then be decorated with gradient backgrounds and assigned an emoji that appears next to the list title.


This module allows Members to create a Fundraising campaign to raise funds for themselves or for others. By creating a campaign, Members can raise voluntary contributions of money or other resources for their operations or a new project ideas....

✔️Store Inventory - Inventory Manager for Store [Extension]

The inventory manager is an extension for the store. The inventory manager is an absolute must for any serious store owner. The inventory manager allows you to manage the inventory of products and their variables from a single screen.

✔️Business Directory/page

The Business Directory Feature can create Local Directory, Business Suppliers Directory, Pages style Business Directory review sections, create Church Directory, create directory of address book and much more. You can add any type of directory using the Business Directory Feature. Increase interaction on your business page and improve customer retention.


With Classified, you can easily add Classified Functionality to your listing on the ChatsLine site quickly and easily, making it easy to post, view, review and rate ads. It is a highly customizable and handy tool if you want to sell your products through advertisements.

✔️Property Listings

Property Listings are one of the most dynamic and richest Real Estate Features on ChatsLine. An easy-to-use Feature that provides the functions you need to set up dynamic Real Estate pages in minutes. Equipped with many Features allowing you to quickly create Real Estate Ads.


Looking for the missing link between Social Media and e-commerce? The Store Function allows anyone to easily create an online store within the ChatsLine Social Networks using the ChatsLine Platform. By leveraging the power of commerce and Social Media combined, Businesses can increase brand awareness and sell more while being able to maintain customer engagement through social commerce activities.

✔️Add to cart

The ChatsLine ADS Feature allows Users to create various advertising campaigns for the promotion of Businesses and websites and monitor their effectiveness through several metrics including number of views, number of clicks and CTR.

✔️Stripe Payment Gateway

The Stripe Payment Gateway is a payment gateway that extends ChatsLine, allowing Members to make payments through Stripe when purchasing a subscription package.

✔️Zombaio Payment Gateway

The Zombaio Payment Gateway is a payment gateway that extends ChatsLine, allowing members to accept payments through Zombaio when upgrading the membership.

✔️CCbill Payment Gateway

CCbill Payment Gateway is a payment gateway feature that extends ChatsLine, allowing members to make payments through CCbill when purchasing a subscription package, purchasing ad placement, 'buy featured for ads, jobs.....

✔️Job Posting Manager

Job Manager is a Feature to add Job Board Functionality offered on the ChatsLine based niche Social Networking site. It provides Features/Tools that you can find on most professional employment websites, from posting a job to collecting resumes and then managing your organization's hiring process. In addition, it also provides tools for company representatives to create a company profile, post and share jobs with members under that company profile. Members can apply for a job, follow or bookmark a Company.

✔️Resume Feature

The resume function is a “out-of-the-box” solution needed for community Members to present a summary of their skills, abilities, credentials and accomplishments. This is a great Feature for all Business sectors.


The document Function for the ChatsLine Social Network website allows Members to easily share different types of documents with each other. It supports most types of documents such as .docx, .pptx, .xls, .txt, .pdf, etc. Members can choose to upload or view the shared document directly on ChatsLine Social Network through the service Scribd.

✔️Bookmark Feature

The bookmark Feature is designed for ChatsLine users to save bookmarks for feeds and items on the Social Network for later viewing. You can Boomark the post activities in main feeds, group activities, blog posts, events… Users can easily view these bookmarks by going to the Bookmarks item in the menu section or the "tab" my bookmarks ”on the profile page.

✔️User notes

User Note is a powerful Feature that allows Members to add private notes to any Member's profile. Notes are ONLY visible to the creator (the profile owner cannot see other members' notes about them). It is especially handy for membership sites where you may have thousands of Members to manage and need to remember special circumstances for them.


This Feature helps Members have 7 emotions to react to any activity update. Put aside the boring, age-old style of loving an activity update with a revolutionary set of emotions such as: Like, Love, Thankful, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry to express yourself.


How you feel and what you do - This Feature allows users to share their feelings and activities in their status updates.


Check-In allows Users to post statuses with the possibility of saving in specific locations. It will display a status with a map of that location. It is also integrated into the business module. So, while people are checking in, they can select a specific business instead of a location.

✔️Latest News

Help Members discover new and interesting new things that matter first to Community and Members. Latest News is a ChatsLine RSS aggregator. It is capable of aggregating thousands of blogs, newspapers, news organizations and magazines across the web and delivers trending and interesting content to the ChatsLine site almost instantly. The Member will no longer need to leave ChatsLine Social Network to read what is most important to them. Keeps members on the site longer and increase interactions on Social Network with Latest News.

✔️Activity Log

The activity log Feature-in allows users to monitor and track everything they have commented, liked, uploaded, downloaded, posted,… on the ChatsLine Social Networking site. They can filter the activity log by actions such as liked and shared.

✔️GIF Comment

Animated GIFs are a proven way to improve traffic, increase site time, and promote sharing on Social Media Platforms. Adding a GIF for feeds or comments with the Feature couldn't be easier. Just click the GIF button in the text editor, search or browse the tags to find GIFs. Once you find the GIF you want, just click on the GIF, and voila !, the GIF is automatically inserted into your feeds or comments.

✔️Colored background status

Spice up the Network with color, gradient and image background. Colorful backgrounds are a great way to add some personality to your posts and make them stand out more in other people's news feeds.

✔️Mp3 Music Listing

MP3 Music List is a great Feature to create an MP3 music social directory. This ChatsLine contains everything you would need to create music on the ChatsLine Social Network. Features include creating playlists, creating albums, adding songs to favorites, rate albums, songs… are vital for a successful music social network page.

✔️Profile Rating

This ChatsLine Profile Rating feature allows users of the ChatsLine Social Network to rate everyone's profile and see the average rating of someone's profile. It integrates seamlessly with the existing profile verification Functionality to allow Members to automatically get a verified profile badge based on the rating of other Members.

✔️User Badges

The User Badges module allows each user to be assigned a "badge" which will be displayed on the User profile page and the profile pop-up window. User badges can be used as a way to build trust or as an incentive for Users. They can also be a quick way to identify moderators, admins, or anyone with a given role. The badge can be associated with a role by the administrator so that, for example, all Users of the "admin" role display the "Administrator" badge.

✔️Stickers Feature

By default, ChatsLine only supports emojis to add more emoticons to allow ChatsLine site Members to express when they are hungry, bored, stressed and the rest? The stickers Feature is created to help you do that. With this Feature, Members can put stickers in comments or status updates to express their feelings. You can send stickers by clicking the sticker icon in the lower right corner of the comments area.

✔️Quiz Feature

Quiz is a feature of ChatsLine which makes it easy to create multiple choice questions for many purposes, such as teaching, blogging, advertising, etc.

✔️Profile Spotlight

Profile Spotlight is a tool that helps users increase their popularity by putting their profile picture with a profile link at the top of the page so that all Community Members can see it instantly. It is an important tool whether it is for meetings, etc….

✔️Virtual Gifts

Monetize - Reward Members for posting content on social media and interacting with each other through credit plugins. Then, Users can also spend their credit through virtual gift addons that allow them to send virtual gifts to friends on birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas… to engage in social interaction. Giveaways can be free or charged in points and not just a photo, but also a video or even music.

✔️ChatsLine Credits

ChatsLine Credits is an adaptive point management tool for creating point reward programs, for users with points to post comments or post content automatically. It provides a powerful application component of user points, medals and ranking.

✔️Video upload

Video Upload Feature allows Members to download video files directly from computer/Mobile devices. All Uploaded video files will be converted to MP4 format to improve performance so that it loads and plays quickly. It can Upload the following formats and convert them to finalized MP4 format for playback; FLV, F4V, MP4, AVI, MOV, 3GP and WMV formats.

✔️Cooking Recipe

Spice up ChatsLine's Social Media Members with this recipe feature. It allows Users to create and share their secret recipes or cooking tips with each other. This recipe Feature has everything that Members need to easily manage and present recipes.

✔️Question & Answer

Question and Answer is a feature of ChatsLine that builds a comprehensive Question and Answer System for the ChatsLine Social Network Site.

✔️Tawk Chat Box

This feature allows ChatsLine Administration to monitor and chat with ChatsLine Social Network visitors, respond to support, tickets, and create a help center to empower customers.

✔️Translationtool - Translate Tool

The functionality of the translation tool makes it easy to translate ChatsLine into the language of your choice directly instead of modifying the profile in the web folder. It can also translate the content entered by members such as status updates, comments, blogs, subjects, etc. into the language currently selected using the Google Translate service.

✔️Download a copy of data

This Feature allows Members of ChatsLine site to download a copy of their data. This is one of the key features that makes your site GDPR compliant.


We may share device identification data with certain third party advertising partners, which may include app openings that occur upon registration. Please read here for more details: https://ChatsLine.com/pages/terms-of-service

ChatsLine is only available for Members of the age of 13 (Thirteen) years and older

Terms of Service/Use: https://ChatsLine.com/pages/terms-of-service

Privacy Policy: https://ChatsLine.com/pages/privacy-policy

Safety advice: https://chatsline.com/pages/safety-advice

Minors If you are under the age of 13, you cannot download or use ChatsLine. We do not collect, store, share, or sell personal information from consumers/users/members under the age of 13. Please contact us immediately at support@ChatsLine.com  to let us know if you or your minor child is under the age of 13.

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